Zooey - higher order AI for product data
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An additional employee in your content maintenance team

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Focus your multi-sourced data maintenance process on controlling instead of doing

Outsource repeatable tasks to Zooey.

Seamless integration

Low cost

Free-up your team time for

important tasks

You need to integrate only once but you will still get all the new features

Low yearly base price + pay as you go

Your teams time is too important to do tasks that can be automated

Sign up now and don’t miss anything

This service will be a gamer changer for yours

data maintenence team

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Improve content!

  • Duplicates recognition
  • Quality improvement
  • Quality check
  • Resolution up-scaling
  • Classification
  • Age rating symbol recognition
  • Energy saving label recognition
  • Nutrition table recognition
  • Photo angle recognition
  • Logos recognition
  • Clustering of similar images
  • Objects recognition
  • Language recognition
  • Translation
  • Text summarizing
  • Automated keywords creation
  • Domain language recognition




  • Quality improvement
  • Classification of leafs in structured model
  • Feature recognition
  • Natural language description generation
  • Language recognition
  • Quality check
  • Resolution up-scaling
  • Frame rate improvement
  • Logos recognition




  • Text-To-Speech
  • Speech-To-Text
  • Noise canceling
  • Quality improvement


Zooey is yours major step in digital transformation.

Brings more time for the important stuff.

Gives you an AI-leverage to transform your processes from doing to controlling.

Supports you and your team in all areas of product data content creation, enhancing, and controlling.

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